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​Southern Tree Care, Inc.

Hazardous Tree Removal & Services for Clyde, NC


View trimming:

When it comes to view trimming, we have several conservative options. We can usually open up an incredible view by window trimming and therefore not have to top or remove trees.​ We provide view trimming services in Waynesville, Clyde, Canton and Maggie Valley and more.

Pruning, trimming & shaping, removals(when necessary) and height reduction ( when necessary). We provide all of these services in Waynesville, Clyde, Maggie Valley and Canton, and more.

Hedge trimming and shrubbery trimming: We provide these services.

Minor landscaping services: We provide these services.

Chipper Service: We offer chipper service when you have already done the trimming and you just need the brush chipped, etc.

Stump grinding: When a tree or shrub has been removed and you want to have the stump removed to where it is not visible, we can grind it below the surface of the ground.

This will allow you to replant in the same location.We have two different types of stump grinders , which allows us better access to hard to reach areas.

Cabling & bracing: Cabling and bracing can often be done to secure a healthy tree from falling in the event of high winds, etc.

Pesticide & fertilization treatments: We offer injectible pesticides, fungicides, and fertilization treatments as well as spraying and granulars. We specialize in treatment of hemlock wooly adelgid.

Hazardous removals: We have many years of experience in hazardous removals. Safety is always our first priority. We will always take care of your property. We do hazardous removals in Waynesville, Canton, Clyde, and Maggie Valley and more.

Underbrush clearing:​We provide this service .

Crane service: We provide crane service when necessary for removals, etc.

Bucket truck service: We have a bucket truck and provide bucket truck services as needed on the jobsite.

Storm clean up: We provide emergency and storm clean up service.

Please contact us for further information on all of these services.